Prepaid Mastercard
Prepaid Mastercard
Reliable, safe and comfortable!

Prepaid Mastercard

It’s a prepaid, rechargeable and debit International Mastercard. A card to fulfil the payment and withdraw needs, during your travels at any time, with the greatest security and convenience. Usable in ATMs and in TPAs by inserting a personal code (PIN).

Card Maturity date: 2 years.

Possibility of daily survey up to AOA 33,000.00.

Daily use limits of AOA 800,000.00.

Monthly usage limits of AOA 800,000.00.

Annual use limits of AOA 9,700,000.00.



  • A card for Private Customers;
  • Intended for payments and withdrawals;
  • Reliable, safe and comfortable.


How to subscribe

  • Go to a BNI Branch and ask for more information on how to subscribe the Prepaid Mastercard. We will be pleased to help you enjoy the advantages of having a Prepaid Mastercard;
  • It’s mandatory to open a current account in a BNI Branch;
  • It’s mandatory to fulfill the subscription form.

Minimum charge

AOA 500,000.00.


Maximum charge

AOA 800,000.00.


Interest rate

See subscription conditions


How to subscribe

Send us a request through CONTACT FORM.


Contact our Contact Center by calll one of these numbers

+244 222 632 900

+244 222 632 910

or send an email to