Renda Fácil Credit
Renda Fácil Credit
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Renda Fácil Credit

Customer Credit intended for an early and cumulative rent payment, when the property owner demands several months of advance payments in the initial stage of the lease. The disbursement will be paid directly to the proprietary through the account opening process on BNI. BNI reimbursement will be made available during the deadline corresponding to the advance period with monthly fixed installments.

Interest rate: LUIBOR 6 months + 5% per year.

Maximum amount: AOA 6,000,000.00 (Retail) / AOA 115,000,000.00 (Corporate)



  • It makes it possible for the customer to have access to leases, otherwise difficult to arrange;
  • Accessible for Retail and Corporate (including self-employed entrepreneurs), BNI Customers for at least three months.


How to subscribe

  • If Retail Customer, the client must have his salary (and the salary of the spouse, if applicable) domiciled in his BNI account;
  • The customer must submit his lease.



Executed upfront period


Maximum amount

AOA 6,000,000.00 (Retail)

AOA 115,000,000.00 (Corporate)





Interest rate

LUIBOR 6 months + 5%.


How to subscribe

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