Account Debit Authorization
Account Debit Authorization
BNI and ENSA together, for a peaceful life.

Account Debit Authorization

BNI and ENSA optimized the insurance premium payment and therefore BNI have implemented the ADA system – Account Debit Authorization – allowing to mutual client the direct debit insurance premium payments.

BNI and ENSA Customers will enjoy the security and the comfort of the direct debit payment, with the guarantee that all the insurance are included in this new service.

Quick and easy.
For BNI and ENSA Customers.
For Retail, Private and Corporate Customers.

  • With ADA paying your insurance will be easier and quicker;
  • Having your insurance payment up to date;
  • Insurance premium payment easiness;
  • Avoid wasting your precious time.


How to subscribe

  • Go to a BNI Branch and sign your Account Debit Authorization!
  • If you aren’t a BNI Customer yet, it’s time to open your account and make your life easier.


BNI - Passion for people.


With BNI and ENSA's assurance.



One service, two products.



Some data, your signature and ADA will become a reality.


How to subscribe

Go right now to your BNI Branch and sign the Account Debit Authorization!


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