Pay Now BNI
Pay Now BNI
It’s easy and safe!

Pay Now BNI

Service that allows its customers to pay for their services through ATM or BNI Net, through the provision of an Entity and a Reference Number. You can also do so through your Bank’s Internet Banking Service if you are not a BNI Customer.

This service also allow your company to send notifications to its customers, by SMS ore-mail, regarding received payments, as well as receiving confirmation notifications of the performed payments.



Paga Já BNI:

  • Provides its customers an alternative and practical way of perform their payments;
  • Assures transaction security;
  • Allows monitoring clients payments in an easy way through notifications.


How to subscribe

  • Go to your BNI Branch and fill out the service subscription form to formalize your contract;
  • Subscribe the Service Payment method and authorize data treatment for the references issue and already performed payments’ notifications;
  • You’ll receive a Multicaixa entity code.


After subscription you only need to inform your customers about this new way of service payment to start receiving in your BNI Corporate Account the funds generated by processed payments, in the conditions agreed with BNI.

It’s easy, convenient and safe. To your Customers and to your Company.

How to subscribe

Send us a request through CONTACT FORM.


Contact our Contact Center by calll one of these numbers

+244 222 632 900

+244 222 632 910

or send an email to