BNI Superflash Term Deposit
BNI Superflash Term Deposit
90 days of high profitability!

BNI Superflash Term Deposit

Term deposit with a minimum of AOA 10,000,000.00 subscription value.

With a 3 month maturity and high profitability.

Annual interest rate of 15%.

Interest credited to the current account on the maturity date.



  • For corporate and retail;
  • Maximum profitability in 90 days.


How to subscribe

  • Go to a BNI Branch and subscribe to a BNI Super Flash Term Deposit with new or mixed funds;
  • Subscribe a deposit in the minimum amount of AOA 100,000,000.00.


And it’s done! Get the most out of your liquidity.

Minimum amount

AOA 10,000,000.00


Maximum amount

Not applicable


Interest Rate



How to subscribe

Send us a request through FORM CONTACT.


Contact our Contact Center by calll one of these numbers

+244 222 632 900

+244 222 632 910

or send an email to