BNI Junior Account
BNI Junior Account
Savings until 18 years!

BNI Junior Account

Term deposit with AOA 20,000 subscription value with optional monthly installments, in the minimum amount of AOA 5,000. The accumulated savings are accessible when the holder reaches the majority age.

Account term from 0 to 18 years old.

Annual interest rate of 3.75% up to AOA 99,999.99 plus 4.50% on the amount that exceeds the AOA 10,000,000.00.

Interest capitalized and paid annually.



• Create a stable financial basis for the future of your son;
• Ensure your son gets access to all educational opportunities;
• Saving in a slowly and smoothly manner;
• Benefit from a loan of equal amount of the accumulated saving when reaching majority age with interests below the usually practiced.



How to subscribe

• You have several options (see highlights on the right) or go to a BNI Branch and subscribe a BNI Junior Term Deposit as the 2nd account holder;      
• Mention your child’s name. He must be under 16 years old (from 0 up to 15);
• Subscribe a deposit with the minimum amount of AOA 20,000.00;
• Set the amount that you will transfer from your current account to the BNI Junior Term Deposit every month;
• And it’s done. The BNI Junior Term Deposit will evolve as your child grows. When he reaches the age of 18 he will have the money available.


Invest in your children's future.

Minimum amount

AOA 20,000.00


Maximum amount

Not applicable


Interest rate

3.75% up to 4.50% or up to 4.50%


How to subscribe

Send us a request through CONTACT FORM.


Contact our Contact Center by calll one of these numbers

+244 222 632 900

+244 222 632 910

or send an email to