Salário Já Credit
Salário Já Credit
A salary tailored to you.

Salário Já Credit

Personal credit line indexed to the customer’s salary with monthly reimbursements. Maximum limit of 75% of the customer’s base salary (and the spouse, if applicable). Interest rate of 16.16% per year. 



  • Customer salary domiciliation in BNI (and of the spouse, if applicable);
  • Promissory note subscribed by the customer.



  • Ability to flexibly manage your finances on a monthly basis, benefiting from advantageous financial conditions.


How to subscribe

  • Fill out and submit the credit proposal to your BNI Branch;
  • The proposal must also have photocopies of the Identity Card, the Taxpayer Card and the last 3 salary receipts;
  • You must present at the same time a statement by the employer stating the link. 


How to subscribe

Send us a request through CONTACT FORM.


Contact our Contact Center by calll one of these numbers

+244 222 632 900

+244 222 632 910

or send an email to